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2022 Telethon

Become a part of our 2022 team of Student Callers

The Development Office are looking to recruit a dedicated team of student callers who are passionate about Girton College and enjoy engaging with the College’s alumni community.

The Girton College 2022 telethon will run from 28th March to 14th April 2022. This is your chance to do something worthwhile, earn money (£9.90 an hour) and have fun chatting to Girton alumni.

Our annual telethon is an exciting opportunity for you to make an important contribution towards attracting essential philanthropic support from alumni and friends of Girton College.

Your job will be to talk about their memories of Girton and your own experience of the college. You will introduce the different fundraising projects, talk about how they will benefit students academically and personally and ask for a donation towards these projects.

In 2021 we raised over £280,000 to support student support initiatives at Girton College. We hope to continue this success during 2022 and we want you to be a part of it!

The telethon is a great opportunity to boost your CV, and the professional skills you will develop are highly valued by employers. We will support you with training throughout the campaign, and you will have the opportunity to speak to alumni who studied a similar course and who have lots of careers advice to offer. It's also a great networking opportunity, not only with other current students but with alumni as well. This job mostly takes place in the evenings leaving plenty of time to study during the day!

For more information click here and to complete your online application click here

Deadline for applications is Monday 24th January 2022

If you have any further questions on applying for this role, please contact Hena McGhee on

Supporting Girton

Thanks to A Great Campaign we are well on our way to securing Girton’s future

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