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Ms Maureen J Hackett

College position(s)

Fellow, Tutor, College Officer

Specialising in

Junior Bursar

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA, MA (Southampton)

Research Themes

I came to Girton as a Graduate student in 1985 working on W. B. Yeats, politics and language, having completed a BA in English at Southampton and a Masters in Romanticism and Modernism. After doing a series of part-time and casual jobs at Girton alongside research (Porter, Cleaner, Kitchen assistant, Painter, Library supervisor, Warden’s Assistant) I put the PhD on hold in 1994 when I was appointed Warden of Wolfson Court and Junior Bursar. I became a Bye-Fellow in 1997 and an Official Fellow in 2000 when I became an undergraduate Tutor.


I manage Wolfson Court and Graduate Housing and have line-management responsibility for Wolfson Court Domestic, Lodge, Gardens, Maintenance and Conference staff. In my capacity as Junior Bursar, I line-manage nine College Heads of Domestic Departments on behalf of the Bursar. I’m Wolfson Court Conference Manager and College Disability Liaison Officer and share responsibility for organising Fellows’ housing and offices with the Senior Tutor. I convene the Residences and Catering, Health and Safety and Fire Safety Committees and I organise the Spring and Autumn Garden Walks. I am very happy to have been an Undergraduate Tutor for 12 years.