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Dr Richard C Jennings

College position(s)

Director of Studies



Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA (Michigan State University) PhD (Washington University, St Louis)

Research themes

Broadly speaking, my research includes ethical issues in contemporary science. More specifically I’m concerned with professional practice in science (Responsible Conduct of Research) and with the ethical uses of science. Most recently I have been concerned particularly with the social and ethical issues that arise in the development and commercialisation of genetically modified food crops. For reasons of interest and purposes of teaching, I keep track of current discussions of ethical issues arising in science.


I teach philosophy of science to about a quarter of the undergraduate students taking the second year option of HPS (IB). At the graduate level, I run workshops on Ethical Conduct and the Ethics of Scientific Practice for the Graduate programme at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, and for the final year and first year graduate students in the University of Cambridge Department of Physics.


Affiliated Research Scholar, Department of History and Philosophy of Science (HPS), University of Cambridge

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