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Dr Antonis Ragkousis

College position(s)



Philosophy, Economics

Specialising in

Joan Robinson Research Fellow in Heterodox Economics

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BSc, MA, MA, PhD

Research themes

My research work is in political economy and my interests lie between economics, philosophy, and politics. In particular, I am interested in Critical Realism and its implications for political economy, as developed by the Cambridge Social Ontology Group.

Currently, my research is focused on contributing to the development of a conception of social ontology most appropriately referred to as Social Positioning Theory, and an ethical theory known as Critical Ethical Naturalism.


  • Part I Paper 4 – Political and Social Aspects of Economics
  • Part II/III Paper 8/18 – History and Philosophy of Economics

Role with the University

  • Research Associate at Centre for Business Research, Judge Business School


After completing my undergraduate studies in Business and Economics, I pursued master’s degrees in Philosophy and Political Economy. The Alexander S. Onassis Postgraduate Scholarship supported my studies in Political Economy.

My doctoral research was generously supported by the King’s Business School Doctoral Research Studentship and the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation, and was also awarded the LISS-DTP/Economic and Social Research Council Scholarship. Most recently, my paper on Amartya Sen’s work was recognized with the Gavin C. Reid Prize for early career researchers, by Judge Business School’s Centre for Business Research. 

During my time as a GTA Development Associate with King’s Academy, I was privileged to collaborate with fellow educators, helping in the design and facilitation of educational workshops.

Over the years I have taught various modules, ranging from economics to the philosophy of social science, at the University of Cambridge, King’s College London, and UCL and I am grateful to receive nominations for teaching excellence at King’s College London and UCL. I'm also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Outside academia, I've had the unique experience of working in the professional sports industry as the Head of International Markets and Investment at a UK-based sports management firm. On a lighter (yet, quite serious) note, I am a devoted AEK Athens supporter – a nod to my days of donning their jersey at youth level in football!