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Friday 19 June 2020

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The Garden is Open! Enjoy at your leisure…

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Garden Walk

Start your afternoon with a stroll round the gardens, in the company of the Mistress and Deputy Head Gardener, Mr Richard Hewitt.

In the background you can hear a well-known 18th century folk-song, arranged for Queen Victoria’s Consort by Alan Gout. If you know the words, keep an eye out for the tongue-twisting lists of wildlife that Robert M. Jordan’s lyrics suggest you might find. If you don’t know the words but want to learn more about Girton’s biodiversity, visit the Cambridge Green Challenge website:

Did you guess the weight of the tree? Answer near the bottom of the page.

Girton Words

If you are missing not just the sights, but the sounds, feel and atmosphere of the College, why not listen to five new poems on a Girton theme written during lockdown by members of the Poetry Society. You can watch the whole Girton Poetry Festival YouTube playlist.

A quick guide to poetry writing from Girton’s Poetry Society here.

Mattie O’Callaghan reads her poem ‘For Girton College’

Words – PDF


#HatsOffGirton with Matt Davies and Pieter Durman

During our ‘live at five’ session on Friday 19 June, with an online crowd of over 100 party-goers, we raised funds for Imkaan, a black feminist organisation that addresses violence against BME women and girls. Find out more at, and if you would like to add to our total, visit our GoFundMe page:

HatsOffGirton Collage


Live at 5pm Highlights

1. Introduction, plus Rachel Hill
2. Farewell to Malcolm Guite
3. Hats Off ‘awards’, with Tom Page and Hannah Samuel
4. Tim Boniface plays ‘Old Folks’
5. George Jackson L-O-V-Es Girton

Outro and Intro

During the live segment of the Garden Party we thanked the Revd Dr Malcolm Guite for 17 amazing years as our Chaplain (see above), and heard a snatch of jazz from his successor, who joins Girton on 1 September 2020. Here is a message from our incoming Chaplain, the Revd Dr Tim Boniface:


The Lockdown Scrapbook is Open!

Over the past few weeks our whole College community has been asked to submit pictures and words to our lockdown scrapbook. Here is a selection of stories. Don’t worry if yours has not arrived in time to feature: all the entries we receive will soon be available in the College Archive. We want to make sure that our successors have a good feel for what the Girton community was up to during lockdown. ‘The Term When College Closed’ will surely become a Girton legend.

If you would like to send an entry for consideration for a future update of the Lockdown Scrapbook you can do so via the below link!

Submit your photograph and/or story here via WuFoo.

Current Students

Staff and Fellows




FEMSOC Collage

Try your hand at the Girton Quiz!

P.S. The weight of the tree is 22.5 Tonnes (as estimated by our Tree Surgeon)!

Wind down…

…to music recorded by the Gir-ten, over an early evening cocktail.

Gir-ten Creature’s Comfort


Garden Party themed beverages, created by Bridget Ryan


Dessert Competition

Why not try out this challenge from the Head Chef. Design a dessert, and send the recipe to the

Our Head Chef will be the Judge. He is looking for a recipe that captures the spirit of Girton, looks extravagant, tastes delicious, and is appropriately named for the College. The next time we are altogether, he will put it on our menu!


Baking class

Bridget Ryan has two tasty recipes for you to try at home!

Pudding Potato

Pudding Potato


View Ingredients (PDF)

The method demonstrated by Bridget Ryan


Black squirrel cupcakes

Black squirrel cupcakes


View ingredients (PDF)

The method demonstrated by Bridget Ryan


Twilight Garden

Photography: Dr Lila Janik
Music: Locus Iste, by Anton Bruckner (1869), played by Queen Victoria’s Consort


Dance the night away… with Mystery Train’s set from the Girton150 Festival


Thank you and Good Night!

If you are still wide awake and raring to go, why not listen to the Girton DJ Society’s House Mix below?