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Press Release

Girton College commits to full divestment from fossil fuel investments

Black silhouette of Girton College in background, yellow buttercups in forefront of image

As part of its wide-reaching overall commitment to tackle climate change, Girton College is pleased to announce a new policy on Responsible Investment which will see the College fully divest from fossil fuel investments.

Following a comprehensive review of its investment strategy, the College will be moving its publicly traded portfolio to a range of funds which exclude fossil fuels, as well as other controversial sectors which do not align with Girton’s ethical commitments. This transition, which has already begun, will be complete within a year. The College has further committed not to make any new private equity investments into funds which do not specifically exclude fossil fuels. Its existing legacy private equity investments are expected to mature by 2032.

In addition to divesting from fossil fuels, as a Universal Owner, the College has set out high standards of engagement for its portfolio managers, including an expectation that they will use their votes to help push forward meaningful change from investee companies. The College is further focused on its cash holdings and banking arrangements, and it will make changes if it does not see active engagement which serves to advance the College’s environmental and ethical goals as set out in the policy.

The policy on Responsible Investment forms part of a broader strategy by which the College is committed to advancing Net Zero in line with the University, as well as pushing forward a range of sustainability initiatives touching every aspect of how it functions as a community.

Professor Susan J. Smith, Mistress, said:

“Being Green at Girton is core to our living, learning and investment strategy. I am delighted that our new Responsible Investment policy will fully reflect the values we share as a community: it will ensure that, in properly stewarding the charitable funds entrusted to us, we are also doing our part to address the urgent global challenges presented by climate change.”

Holly Duke, from the Girton Green Society, said on behalf of students:

“The JCR, MCR and Girton Green Society are excited about the fresh commitments the College has made regarding responsible investment, and we are proud of the leading role Girton is playing in pursuing a sustainable future for the University. We are looking forward to Girton furthering its position as a pioneer for sustainability and responsible finance amongst Oxbridge Colleges.”