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2023-24 Cavendish Arts Science Fellowship

About the Fellowship

We are seeking adventurous artists whose practice resonates with the Cavendish Arts Science ethos of questioning, collective imagining and decentring. The selected artist will bring alternative ways of knowing the world, artistic practices immersed in communities that are not privileged in the mainstream, and an enthusiasm to collectively imagine new possibilities. Artists with no previous experience of working with scientists or in a scientific environment are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Fellowship will last one year from October 2023 and will include a residency period at Girton College in Cambridge, typically of at least six months up to one year, with potential for the period of residency to be split across two visits.

The artist will receive a stipend, and accommodation and subsistence during the period of residency. A budget will be provided for the production of new work, and for travel.

We would like to thank alumna Una Ryan for the vision and generous support of this Fellowship.

The successful applicant will normally be elected Visiting Fellow Commoner in the Arts at Girton College and will:

  • Develop thought-provoking ideas through engagement with physicists and those in other fields
  • Experiment with new approaches to their practice that are transformative and push boundaries
  • Produce new work to be exhibited during the Fellowship and beyond
  • Have opportunities to exhibit work in other contexts including the opening of the Cavendish Laboratory (Ray Dolby Centre) in 2024, and potentially those created through national and international partnerships.


Any artist can apply for the Fellowship regardless of medium or practice, nationality or country of residence, as long as the artist is out of full-time education by the start of the Fellowship, over the age of 18 and willing to travel to Cambridge. 

We actively encourage applications from artists with no previous experience of working in a scientific environment.

Cavendish Arts Science is committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all, regardless of sex, race, colour, religion and belief, ethnic or national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity, gender reassignment, gender identity, gender expression or disability. Please refer to the University of Cambridge's Equal Opportunities Policy for further information.

Financial Support

  • A stipend of £10,000 GBP will be paid to the successful candidate
  • Accommodation and meals will be provided by Girton College during the residency period in Cambridge.
  • A production budget of £10,000 GBP will be made available to support the development of new work.
  • A travel budget of up to £3,000 GBP (depending on where the artist is based) will be available to support the cost of travel to/from Cambridge during the Fellowship.

How to apply

Please apply via the Cavendish in Arts website, via their online submission form:

Before you apply, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any other questions, please email them at