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Halfway: A Celebration

A photograph collage of those attending halfway: a celebration

Every year around the middle of Lent term, Girton takes a moment to congratulate, and celebrate with, those who have reached the halfway mark in their degree. That moment has arrived and we welcome second year undergraduates, Year 5 Medics and Vets, second year PhD students and Masters students. 

First, you are invited to wind down with a uniquely Girton cocktail, the Bas-Bleu. Secretary to Council, Dr Caroline Shenton, shows you how to make it, and explains why it is so special. There is a mocktail version too! 

How to make a Bas-Bleu Cocktail/Mocktail (Blue Stocking)

Sit back, sip your cocktail/mocktail and enjoy the spirit of Girton two-ways by listening to this recording by the Choir household of Bottom Hospital and Bottom Orchard Bubble, made especially for you.

'A Hymne to Christ’ by Imogen Holst (words by John Dunne)

This is a self-recording by a single student household (and one person in a bubble with them) in Chapel, a Covid-secure venue.

Online drinks are at 6.30pm with your DoS so make sure you leave enough time to get dinner under way... If you are in College you will have the 'half cooked' version to finish off; if at home, you should follow the recipe circulated by the Catering Department (check email). 

Here is the Head Chef showing you how to make it look easy...

How to prepare your meal

No dining experience is complete without a speech. Here are a few words (half a speech to be precise) from the Mistress.

Mistress's Speech

Why not round off the evening with a dance. Here is Queen Victoria's consort, courtesy of Visiting Fellow, Andy Kershaw and Musician-in-Residence, Jeremy West. They are playing Scott Joplin's 'High Class' Figleaf Rag composed in 1908.

It sounds slow - half speed maybe - but that may be exactly what the composer intended. It's perfect for the early 20th century 'One-Step'. According to reports of the time you just walk or hop forward, backward, or in a circle, being as wild or as silly or as dignified as your own tastes dictate.


This arrangement of Figleaf Rag was made by Alan Gout (2020) for Queen Victoria’s Consort. The performers are: Robert Vanryne (Cornet), Jeremy West (Eb Horn), Susan Addision (Trombone) and Andrew Kershaw (Ophicleide); original instruments from the 1860’s & 1870’s, kindly loaned by The Kershaw Collection.