Dr Hilary Marlow

Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion

Research Themes

My research in the field of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies focuses on biblical texts and their ecological significance, most recently comparing biblical accounts of the effect of warfare on nature with later literary traditions, and assessing the implications for this for contemporary environmental ethics.

In addition I am Senior Researcher at the Faraday Institute working on a project to evaluate the theory and practice of Scriptural Reasoning as a tool to promote increased understanding between different religious groups and between religions and wider society.


I lecture and supervise for a range of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Papers in the Faculty of Divinity. I also give occasional lectures for the Cambridge Theological Federation, and have lectured on Religion and Biodiversity Conservation for the Development Studies MPhil.


Together with Girton Fellow and Teaching Officer Dr Helen Van Noorden, and Prof Karla Pollmann from Reading University, I am co-editor of a large multi-disciplinary collection of essays entitled Eschatology in Antiquity (scheduled for publication in 2020).

Hilary Marlow

College Role

Official Fellow

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA Economics (Manchester), BA Biblical Studies (KCL), PhD (Cambridge)