Dr Alex Liu

Natural Sciences

Research Themes

My research focuses upon the palaeontology of the Ediacaran Period, some 635-542 million years ago. Ediacaran fossils, found in several locations worldwide, document the earliest appearance of large and complex multicellular organisms in the geological record. I am attempting to further our understanding of these unique fossils through study of aspects of Ediacaran fossil preservation, palaeoecology, and microbial communities. Fieldwork is a major component of my work, with my primary field localities being in Newfoundland (Canada), and the English Midlands. The ultimate aims of my research are to constrain the biological affinities of the Ediacaran organisms, and to determine their place within the history of life on Earth.


I supervise and lecture within the Department of Earth Sciences, with palaeontology and sedimentology being my primary fields of interest, particularly focusing upon the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition. I also assist with the undergraduate field trips to the Jurassic coastline of Dorset.

College Role

Official Fellow

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

MESc (Oxon), DPhil (Oxon)