Dr Amy Donovan


Research Themes

My research examines the interface between scientific knowledge and public policy on active volcanoes. I am interested in how science is used in decision-making on volcanoes, and in the ways that different groups of people understand volcanic risk and the associated uncertainty. I draw on a range of literature from the social sciences in this work. I am also interested in the geochemical monitoring of volcanoes, by gas and petrological analysis, and have done some work in these areas too.


I supervise and lecture in the Geography Department, primarily on environmental hazards and volcanology. I have also supervised on social aspects of risk, in both Part IB and Part II.

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Amy Donovan

College Role

Official Fellow

Teaching Office(s)

  • Fellow
  • Tutor
  • Director of Studies

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

MA, MPhil, MSc (University College London), PhD