Official Fellow

Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Director of Studies in Modern Languages (Part IB and Year Abroad)

Admissions Tutor


Newton Trust Lecturer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese.


Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA, MPhil, PhD (Birmingham).

Stuart Davis

Modern and Medieval Languages

Research and Teaching Interests

Research themes

Most broadly, my research focuses on contemporary Spanish culture, literature and film. My postgraduate research focused on the literary canon – the supposed list of "great books" – and how we and contemporary writers negotiate this canon of great writers. The author I have most worked on is Juan Goytisolo, a fascinating contemporary author whose works explore marginal social identities and are written in a deliberately provocative style. More recently, I have developed further interests in the role of museums as a site for preserving heritage, and memory, in particular the legacy of the Spanish Civil War for writers born many years after the end of the conflict.

Teaching responsibilities

I enjoy lecturing and supervising the many inspirational books and films on the Spanish papers. As well as the general Introductory first year paper, I teach specialist papers on Spanish literature and film from the nineteenth through to the twenty-first centuries. I also teach Translation, and contribute to the final year Comparative Studies paper on the Body, where students choose to work on visual and textual representations of the body in three language areas (an enjoyable challenge for me too!).


I came to Girton in 2003 with a just completed PhD, eagerly taking up my first full-time lecturing post. Previously I had taught part-time at the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham, where I was studying for my PhD.

Since arriving at Girton I have been Director of Studies for Part 1A MML, and for several years have also looked after the final year (Part 2) students. In College I have participated in various committees, including Council, Schools Contact Committee and the Fellowship in Arts Committee.