Wrigley Fellow


Director of Studies in Classics

Chair of the Lawrence Room Committee      


Newton Trust Lecturer (Faculty of Classics)


Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA, MPhil and PhD

Early Career Fellowship at the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities in Cambridge (Lent term 2014)

Helen Van Noorden


Research and Teaching Interests

Research interests

I work on Greek and Latin epic, especially the early Greek poet Hesiod and his ancient legacies in the development of 'didactic' literature of all kinds, including philosophical and scientific writing, and satiric versions of these. I also have a developing interest in concepts of authorship. My current major research project is concerns the uses of 'apocalyptic' writing in antiquity, extending as far as the fascinating 6th century collection of Sibylline Oracles.

Teaching responsibilities

In the Faculty of Classics, I lecture on Greek epic and practical criticism of Greek and Latin literature. For the College, I supervise the full range of Greek literature for all years of the Classics Tripos, Latin literature for 1A and Prelim students, dissertations on literary subjects, and Classics options within the English Tripos. My language teaching is focused on Greek translation and introducing first-year students to prose composition.

As Director of Studies in Classics, I liaise with supervisors for the other elements of the Classics course and ensure that Girtonian classicists develop the study skills necessary to do well in Cambridge and beyond.

Futher activities

I coordinate Girton's Humanities Writing Prize for sixth-formers, and outreach events based on Girton's wonderful museum of the ancient world, the Lawrence Room.

I also give schools talks, teach on summer courses, and work to widen access to the study of Classics.