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Biological Anthropology can be studied via the new Human, Social & Political Sciences (HSPS) tripos


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Biological Anthropology

Why choose Girton?

Biological anthropology has been a popular option choice among Girton students in recent years. The subject is essentially interdisciplinary and with a large cohort of students in both the social and the biological sciences, Girton offers plenty of opportunity for discussion and debate.The discipline itself focusses on the development of the human species from the physical and genetic point of view, looking at our past via the study of both early fossils and contemporary primates. In addition to its place in the HSPS Tripos, biological anthropology is also encountered by those studying Natural Sciences, Computer Science or PBS in the first year Evolution & Behaviour course. Students of Natural Sciences, Medicine and Veterinary Science also have the option of studying biological anthropology as either a major or a minor subject in Biological and Biomedical Sciences in their third year.

Undergraduate information

The unifying theme of Biological Anthropology at Cambridge is the understanding of humans, past and present, from an evolutionary perspective. To achieve this, the teaching has three strands:

• the understanding of humans in the context of other animals, in particular primates

• the behaviour and biology of humans throughout their evolutionary history

• the study of human populations today in terms of their growth, development and health

These topics are explored by means of a wide range of scientific tools - from genetics, to morphology, archaeology, physiology, ethology, and statistics.

Graduate information

Research and postgraduate students are admitted to the University by the Board of Graduate Studies. You must therefore apply centrally and not to the College, however you must be admitted to a College to be able to study at the University. To ensure that this is Girton you need to indicate this on your application form.