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Reading Lists

For undergraduates

Page updated: 23 September 2022

In preparation for arrival in October, undergraduate reading lists are now available. It is helpful for new students to spend some time over the summer preparing for their chosen course at Cambridge, and these suggestions will help you do that. Please note, you are not expected to read or buy everything on the list, and once you arrive here you will have access to the College and University libraries. Please follow the relevant link below to view the lists for your subject.

We’ve been asked to advise you to please use the original links, as given below. Copying and pasting the URLs that appear in your browser after you’ve clicked these links may misdirect you or fail to connect. Please also be aware that the links will work best in Firefox or Chrome browsers.


CamGuides is a free online resource, designed as an introduction to some of the academic, digital and research practices that students will engage with at the University of Cambridge. CamGuides does not need Raven access and CamGuides will always be there for students to refer back to when they need them.

For new Undergraduate students - some top tips from previous undergraduate students for exploring CamGuides:

  • Watch the videos that appear on most pages to hear from current Cambridge undergraduates about their experience of starting at University
  • The 'Day in the Life' section