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Annual Telephone Campaign



We have been running our successful Annual Telephone Campaign for over a decade. It now forms a vital part of A Great Campaign, raising over £1 million since the start of the campaign, and gives us the opportunity to link current students with alumni in a very special way.

For each telephone campaign, we recruit a team of students to get in touch with old Girtonians. Our team of students talk to our alumni about the latest news and events from College, keeping them in touch with student life, exchanging life and career stories, and discussing ways in which they can help to safeguard the Girton experience for current and future generations.


student calleralt


Every contribution helps – a large number of relatively modest gifts really can add up to an extraordinary result. If just under half of the Old Girtonians we are in contact with gave just £10 each month, we would raise over £1.65 million - more than enough to fully endow a teaching fellowship in one of our priority subjects within three years. In the past year, donations just like this have helped us provide bursaries to those in need, refurbish student accommodation, and maintain and improve our library and archive facilities.

2017 Telephone Campaign

This year's telephone campaign will take place between Monday 26th March and Thursday 13th April 2017. We have a team of 15 Girton students who are looking forward to connecting with our alumni all over the world - meet this year's callers! Our aims this year are to secure the College's financial future, support students in all aspects of their time at Girton, and sustain an excellent core teaching Fellowship.

If you would like to support A Great Telephone Campaign please go to our giving page.