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Teaching and Research

A passion for learning is inspired through our Fellowship; a community of world-class educators and researchers whose care and wisdom guide each individual’s experience here at Girton. This bespoke, dynamic teaching model is costly but it is what defines a Cambridge education. That is why Girton continues to invest in Fellowships to attract and retain the finest academic specialists, covering almost every subject on offer in the University. They are the heart of education at Girton.


Endowed Fellowships were a major achievement in the first phase of A Great Campaign: six College Fellowships have been funded so far, mostly in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, thanks to the tremendous support of alumni.


In this 150th Anniversary phase of A Great Campaign, we aim to endow further teaching posts in partnership with the University.  We are focussing this year on a Fellowship in Medicine, which we would like to name after Dr John Marks, and which will attract matching funds from a generous donor.


" It is a great honour and privilege to teach students at Girton. I joined the College in 2010 as Official Fellow in Medicine and then stepped up to become Director of Studies, a role that helps nurture and mentor the pre-clinical students. I very much value the pastoral as well as the academic quality of the College environment. Girton has a strong track record in Medicine from its earliest years and I am immensely proud to be part of that continuing tradition".

Dr Carlo Acerini, Official Fellow in Medicine



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