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Student Support

Girton stands by the principle that every bright, ambitious individual who has the ability to secure a place should have the opportunity to study here: to enjoy a residential learning experience that is the envy of the world. It should not matter who they are, where they come from, or how much they can afford. Gifts towards our Student Support Funds make sure every promising scholar is supported to realise their potential.


Undergraduate Bursaries

True to its founding principle, Girton is determined to provide an extraordinary, transformative university education for those who are academically gifted, irrespective of their background or financial circumstances. Help with living costs is provided by  means-tested bursaries funded through the College’s Emily Davies Bursary Fund. But as financial pressures increase for many of our 500 or so talented undergraduates, including the withdrawal of the government-funded maintenance grant as of October 2016,  this fund is already over-stretched.



Graduate Research Scholarships

Girton has made a strategic commitment, in tandem with the University, to significantly grow its graduate community and to lease a purpose-built postgraduate complex offering 325 en-suite rooms in the heart of the North West Cambridge development, a stone’s throw away from the College. Such growth will position Girton as a unique intellectual community which will stimulate an innovation-led, knowledge-based economy.

However, there remains the need to address financial hardship, as costs are the key barrier for students in being able to access our graduate programmes. Only a well-supported scholarship scheme can bridge this funding gap.


Please see our giving page for information on other student support funds.