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Financial Sustainability


Permanent Endowment - sustainable support that lasts forever!


The central aim of A Great Campaign is to secure the future of the College by creating sufficient  endowment to generate an income in perpetuity which will sustain all aspects of College activity. The gifts that are given to our permanent endowment will last forever, the capital remains unspent and only the income is used.


Despite considerable financial constraints and the cap imposed by the UK Government, the College subsidises the student academic fee by 50 per cent, as well as providing scholarships and additional bursary support where needed to help widen participation. It also maintains an impressive curriculum and  world-class teaching and research across a broad range of academic disciplines. This core work is essential to the College’s educational purpose, yet it is only sustainable if our endowment continues to grow.


Thanks to your donations, the endowment has grown from £22 million to £40.5 million in the first half of A Great Campaign, but we need to raise more to secure our long-term financial future which would enable us to reinvest properly in our buildings and take up new and exciting development opportunities when they arise.