Lifelong Learning Application

Personal Details

First name(s) as on passport
Last/family name as on passport
Personal name(s) you wish used on class rosters
Email address you will use during the summer programme
Telephone number with country code
Day / Month / Year
Country of passport you will use to travel to the United Kingdom

Special Requirements

This information is only used if you come on the programme and to provide for your safety while at Girton College.

Emergency Contact Details

Please provide the following details for your emergency contact:
First and Last name
Contact's relationship to you
Contact email address
Contact telephone number (with country code)

Summer School Selection


Academic Courses

Participants will take two courses each week. For each week you will attend please state whether each of the four courses that week would be your first, second, third or fourth choice. We will aim to assign you to your top two courses each week, as far as possible.

Additional Information

Submitting Your Application