Academic Courses

The following courses will be offered in 2018.  Please click on the course title links to access the course outlines and instructor information.


Courses offered in the first week

An Architectural History of Cambridge University

The British Empire in the nineteenth century

Cambridge Writers, 1564-1848: From English Renaissance drama to the rise of the novel

A thousand years of the British monarchy, 1066-2017


Courses offered in the second week

Cambridge Scientists and Explorers, 17th Century to the present day

The History of Art in Cambridge Collections

Cambridge Writers, 1748-2018: From Wordsworth to J.H. Prynne

British Prime Minsters through decline, renewal, and Brexit, 1940-2018


In addition to the academic courses there will be a series of evening lectures covering topics of general interest. In 2017 lectures were given by the Master of Corpus Christi College on the role of the master in Cambridge colleges, his diplomatic career in the Middle East and current events in Syria and Iraq; by Professor John Hatcher on the Black Death and specifically its impact on the city and University of Cambridge; by Dr Mia Gray on Brexit and the rise of populism; by Mr Charlie Ritchie on British wartime cinema and by Dr Ewan St John Smith on the peculiarities of the naked mole-rat and what we can learn from them.