Students from the UK & EU

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at Cambridge University are £9,250 per year. No student will have to pay the fees while they are studying. Instead, you can take out a government student loan for fees, and defer payment until you have graduated and are earning over £21,000 per year.

Living Costs

At Girton, you will need to pay for your accommodation and facilities. Details of these charges can be found in the Girton Community section of the website.

Government Support

Financial support takes two forms: (i) loan to cover tuition fees and (ii) loans towards living costs. For UK students this support will vary depending on where you live, and this will also determine the agency through which you will apply for it.

EU students who meet certain conditions can apply for a tuition fee loan and may be eligible to apply for further support for living costs.

University of Cambridge Support

In addition to government support that is available the University offers one of the most extensive financial support schemes in the country as well as  scholarships, hardship loans and hardship grants.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme (UK Students)

The University provides bursaries under the Cambridge Bursary Scheme to students from the UK studying at the University for their first undergraduate degree, and whose household income is under £42,620. The Bursaries are worth up to £3,500 (and £5,650 for some mature students) and can be used towards tuition fees or living costs. The value of each bursary will be based on parental income, and is calculated on a sliding scale.

The numbers of bursaries are not limited; they are awarded according to need. Further information, including a detailed scale of awards can be obtained from the Cambridge Bursary Scheme website.

No prior application is needed for this scheme. The Student Loans Company will automatically assess you for a Cambridge Bursary when you apply for a maintenance loan.  If you are eligible for a bursary and start your course at Cambridge you will be paid directly in to your bank account by the Student Loans Company.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme (EU Students)

The Cambridge European Bursary Scheme provides bursaries for EU students whose household income is under £42,620 to help with their living costs. Details can be found on the Cambridge Bursary Scheme website. No prior application is needed for this scheme. You will be assessed by the Student Loans Company when you apply for a tuition fee loan through Student Finance England, and if you are eligible for a bursary and start your course at Cambridge you will be paid directly in to your bank account by the Student Loans Company.

What Support does Girton offer? (UK Students)

The College offers a small number of named bursaries to cover some of the costs associated with living in College.

  • The Emily Davies Bursaries, the Girton College Undergraduate Bursaries, and the Rose Awards can be awarded to students in all subjects.
  • The Margaret Barton Bursary is awarded to a student studying Medicine.
  • The Jean Lindsay Fund provides bursaries for History students.
  • The Anne and Caroline Wilson Fund provides bursaries for Classics students.
  • The Ellen McArthur Fund provides bursaries to students studying HSPS, Economics and History

Students in receipt of a full or partial Cambridge Bursary will automatically be considered for these College bursaries each Michaelmas term.

What Support does Girton offer? (All Students)

  • Students who experience financial problems during their time at Girton can apply for financial help from both University hardship funds which take the form of non-repayable grants; and from the College Tutorial Hardship funds which can offer either small grants or larger low-interest loans.
  • College travel grants are made via an annual competition and travel or educational value in the widest sense in the long vacation. About 30 awards are made each year. Further information about the Travel Awards and other awards students can apply to can be found on the Fees, Funding & Awards page.
  • Girton offers a wide range of Music Awards. In addition to the Organ and Choral Scholarships awarded on entry to the College, Girton offers University Instrumental Awards, College Instrumental Awards and College Choral Exhibitions to students already in residence. There is also a prestigious College Music Scholarship.
  • Scholarships and prizes are awarded by the College for First Class results in University examinations.

The University of Cambridge is committed to the principle that no suitably-qualified publicly-funded UK or EU student should be deterred from applying to Cambridge due to their financial circumstances, and that they should not have to leave because of financial difficulties.


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