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Professor Colm Durkan

College position(s)

Fellow, Director of Studies, Tutor



Specialising in

Professorial Fellow

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA, PhD (Trinity College Dublin), CPhys, FInstP

Research Themes

I work on the foundations of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology and have developed a range of experimental tools that we can use to probe the properties of matter at the nanoscale.  This work spans the range from being highly theoretical to highly applied, and I have been engaging with and funded by big industry (Samsung, Nokia, Canon & BP) for a number of years.  I have a keen interest in Applied Quantum mechanics and have written a book about it, the second edition of which I am currently working on.  I am passionate about getting the message of the power of Nanoscience across and speak regularly on the subject.


At the Engineering Department, I lecture the first year students on Electrical Engineering, and the final year students on Nanoscience and Quantum Mechanics.  I also supervise at College, and see first and second year students every week to help them with Electrical Engineering


As well as University and College work, I have set up two businesses that supply equipment and consultancy to the Nanotech community

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