Girton Fellow uses Nanotechnology to take on …Nanotechnology

colm durkan

Girton Fellow, Dr Colm Durkan, has put the hair-care products market under the microscope. Through the company he recently formed, CambridgeNano, he carried out a study, published in this week's Sunday Times, of hair after washing with over 20 different products, ranging in price from 20p to £100 per bottle. The hairs were examined using the advanced Atomic Force Microscope, developed by Colm, an instrument that allows one to image features on hair and just about anything else, with a resolution below 1 nm (one billionth of a metre). Whilst the cheapest products proved relatively ineffective at cleaning, surprisingly so too did the more expensive ones, with the best performance coming from the mid-priced products.

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Published: 3 April 2013