Mountford Prize

Girton congratulates Josie Teal, who has been awarded the Mountford Humanities and Arts Communications Prize for 2012/13. Josie, a second year Law student, won first prize for an entertaining presentation entitled 'Snakes, Ladders and Ancient Egyptians' which took the audience on a journey from the ancient Egyptian game of Senet through modern day board games to the App Store.

Margaret Mountford established this new communications prize in 2011/12, encouraging Girton's undergraduates to hone their presentation skills by delivering an accessible, engaging and individual take on a selected theme. Last year that theme was 'Beauty'; this year's topic was 'Death of the object'. The prize draws all eyes the Lawrence Room collections, and celebrates the creative energies infusing student life at the College.

In addition to Josie Teal, this year's finalists included Alexander Thompson with his piece 'The Death and Afterlife of Senet'; Emily Loud with a presentation on 'Does an object die with a person?'; and Samuel Nel'lo Deakin on 'The death of the object'.

The judges, chaired by Margaret Mountford herself, awarded first and second prizes for content and presentation on the day, and for best abstract. The audience voted for the most entertaining talk overall.

Congratulations to all four finalists. You can read their abstracts on the links below.

Josie Teal – Snakes, Ladders and Ancient Egyptians (First Prize and Audience Prize)

Alexander Thompson – The Death and Afterlife of Senet (Prize for best abtract)

Emily Loud – Does the object die with a person? (Second Prize)

Samuel Nel'lo Deakin – The death of the object (Runner up)

More information on the prizes and awards open to Girton undergraduates