Library end of term arrangements, Easter Term 2019

All loaned items are due back by 11pm on Monday 10 June:

If this is likely to cause problems because of exams or outstanding work, please contact the Library to make a special arrangement – tel: 01223 338970 or e-mail:

**Graduands: You will not be allowed to attend the graduation buffet if you owe money to the College or to the University. This includes the value of items that have not been returned to libraries and any unpaid library fines. You should therefore return all library loans and pay any fines by Monday 10 June. Any fines still outstanding at noon on Friday 14 June will be charged to your College bill. If items have not been returned by this time, their full replacement cost plus fines will be charged.**


Vacation borrowing starts at 1pm on Wednesday 12 June:

The Library will be closed that morning for final checking and tidying; if there is an URGENT reason why you must use the Library, please ring the doorbell.

You may borrow up to 10 books for the vacation. No vacation borrowing is permitted until all term books are returned, and fines paid and bills settled.

Please note that there is no borrowing from the external study rooms.

Anything borrowed for or during the vacation will due back by 11pm on Wednesday 9 October.

**We regret that graduands may not borrow from the College Library after Monday 10 June 2019.**


Vacation opening hours:

The Library will be open 10am–11pm on Saturday 15 June and Sunday 16 June.

Thereafter, the Library will be open Mondays to Fridays, 9am–5pm (closed weekends). However some days may have shorter opening hours and/or be closed over lunch, depending on staff availability.

The Library will be closed completely for a fortnight beginning Monday 19 August, re-opening on Monday 3 September.

It may also be necessary to close at other times, possibly at short notice. If planning a journey specifically to use the Library, we recommend that you phone ahead to check availability – 01223 338970.

Full Term opening hours will resume the weekend immediately before the start of the Michaelmas Full Term (Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October).


Vacation availability  of external study rooms:

D33 and D35 (group study rooms) will remain available for use throughout the Long Vacation.

D34 (quiet study room) will remain available for use until the end of June. It will not then be available for use until the start of September.

Chapel Wing Reading Room will come out of use as a study room at the end of Wednesday 12 June.  Any personal items left in it after that date will be treated as lost property.  It will resume use as a study room on Monday 14 October.

Archive and special collections:

Opening hours for the Archive and Special Collections are separate; if you are planning to visit in person, please see the Arranging a visit webpage.  Thank you.