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Information for New Postgraduates

Welcome to Girton

Welcome to Girton! The MCR have created this welcome video just for you.  We hope you have an enjoyable and productive time as a member of the College. The following information is designed to help you settle into life as a new or returning student at Cambridge. College has prepared a Postgraduate Guide that will hopefully answer many of your questions.   

You are each allocated one of four College Postgraduate Tutors. Here's a welcome letter from them. Your individual Tutor will contact you soon after the start of term and you will also have an opportunity to meet them at a reception on either 7 or 8 of October.  

All University cards will be available from the Porters' Lodge at Swirles Court, whether you are living there or elsewhere, on presentation of photo ID - in addition to providing access to your room, you will be able to start to use it immediately for the purchase of food from College facilities. If you require a letter to open a UK bank account, please email with the request, letting us know which bank you've chosen - please try to limit it to one bank.  

Identity checks and student visas

All students: You will be sent details about ID checks so please have photo identification (ID) ready to present as instructed by the Postgraduate Administrator - this will likely occur during the first meeting you have with your Postgraduate Tutor.  

Overseas: When instructed by the Postgraduate Tutorial Office, please upload the photo page of your passport, Student visa entry vignette (or other visa) and evidence of when you entered the country if this applies to you. An email with further details about this will be sent to you. If you have elected to collect your BRP from the University a College member will give this to you at the main College site after 1 October - staggered appointment times will be arranged and you will be notified so there's no need to worry about this. There may be others who are not on a student visa but need to upload documents - do wait for instructions before doing this.  

Please check if you are required to register with the police - your passport should indicate this - more details are available on the International Student Office webpage.  Please note that you do NOT need to take with you a confirmation letter from College.  

Compulsory videos to watch

It is a legal requirement for all new students to watch a very short Fire Safety Video upon arrival at College.  Please do your best to do this before 5 October.  It’s particularly important if you're living in College residence, to watch this as soon as you arrive – it is about 4 minutes in length.  There is also a Consent Video that we ask you to watch, again, only about 4 minutes in length.  You'll need your Cambridge email and Raven password to access the Moodle site.  

Postgraduate "Fresher" Events

Meet the Mistress
Friday 1 October in the Marquee

The Mistress of Girton College would very much like to welcome you to Girton. You will be sent an invitation to meet her with some of your fellow students at one of three times on Friday 1 October.  If the time you have been given conflicts with any other official activity or with moving in, then please email the Postgraduate Office ( as soon as possible.

Postgraduate Introduction Meeting (compulsory for all new postgraduates)
Tuesday 5 October 5 pm in the Marquee 

It is compulsory that you attend this gathering even if you attended the September question and answer sessions on Zoom.  If you are not yet in Cambridge by this date or are quarantining, please contact us. Additional information will be provided on student life in College and it is an opportunity to meet key members of College face-to-face who can provide support during your studies such as members of the Tutorial team, Postgraduate Tutors, Librarian and College nurses.   

Matriculation Photograph
Wednesday 6 October 8.30 am in Emily Davies Court

The Matriculation photograph will take place on the lawn in Emily Davies Court at the College's Main Site. Please wear your academic gown (see information below about gowns) and smart clothes and do bring an umbrella in case of rain. You will be notified of any changes. The photograph is open to all postgraduates starting at Girton this year. There will also be an opportunity for you to have individual photographs taken - no booking is necessary.  Please arrive promptly, but not too early as the undergraduate photograph is taking place before yours.

Do not attend the photograph if you are feeling unwell or self-isolating.

After the photograph, you are invited to enjoy brunch in the Main Hall with members of the MCR.  

Meet your Tutor - Postgraduate Drinks Reception
7 and 8 October 6.15 pm in the Marquee before Freshers' Formal Halls

We're encouraging those on a Masters, one-year course to attend drinks and Formal Hall on Thursday 7 October, and those on a PhD course to attend both on Friday 8 October.  You will be sent information from the catering department about how to sign up for Formal Hall.  You don't need to sign up for the pre-dinner reception but we do suggest that you go to the reception that is before the Formal Hall that you are signed up for.  

Things you need to do

You are required to complete or sign and submit various forms soon after arrival, both for the College and the University.  Your department will let you know about their requirements. 


This is the process by which new students become members of Girton College and of the University of Cambridge. Matriculation consists of signing an online form - you will be sent an email containing the link. Once you've received this, please complete the task as soon as you can, as it is your formal registration with the University. If you already have a degree from Cambridge, regardless of the College, you do not need to matriculate again.  There will be a Matriculation Dinner for those who have not had one at Girton in mid-November.  

Registration with a local Doctor's office

All students are strongly advised to register with a Doctor's Surgery (office) as soon as possible and to inform the Nurses by email ( which surgery you have chosen. The majority of Girton students register with the Huntingdon Road Surgery, however if you are not living in College or Swirles Court, another surgery may be more convenient. There are further details in the Well-being section below. Huntingdon Road Surgery are providing an on-line registration service.  

College documents you must complete, sign and return

We require you to complete the following documents and upload them using this form, please, by 5 October. 


Students receive a bill at the start of each term and at the start of the long vacation informing them what they need to pay. Late payment fees will be charged for overdue payments so if you cannot pay on time it is very important that you contact your tutor in advance of the due date. Please see a letter from the Bursar and advice on paying your bills here.

Academic Gowns

New students need to obtain an academic gown in time for their Matriculation photograph. Gowns are also worn at Formal Hall and at major College events. 


Students health and welfare is important to all members of the College and there are many forms of help and support available. Please see information on the University website.  You'll find additional information about registering with a local Doctor`s surgery here

The College has two nurses and all students whether resident or non-resident, may consult the Nurses who hold regular surgery hours in the College Health & Welfare Centre (01223 338937). The nurses can treat minor ailments/ minor injuries and can give health care advice.  The nurses have prepared this document that gives you all kinds of health and welfare info and lets you know about their confidential health questionnaire that should be completed by 15 October.  Please click here for information about vaccinations.  

The University offer a Counselling service to students and the College also has a Counsellor.  The Counselling Service offers a number of self-help leaflets on a wide variety of issues and concerns.  Please contact your Tutor for more information.


The College Chaplain is in charge of all matters connected with the services and use of the Chapel. He is also available to help any member of the College with any personal problem or difficulty.  He's prepared the attached welcome letter.  

College Chapel music

The Director of Chapel Music offers information about becoming involved in the musical life in College in his welcome letter.  


UIS (University Information Services) produce two helpful guides that are very worth reading - Getting Started and IT Matters @ Cambridge - both are available at this link.

The College IT Office can help you with IT related issues.  The Office is located on the A Corridor at the main College site. Further information can be found here or by emailing 

MCR (Girton's Postgraduate Student Society)

MCR Facebook page

Other resources and useful links

Please watch the compulsory videos at this Moodle link.  

Girton's Thrive Programme returns in 2021.  

The Cambridge Police station offers some helpful information and links here. 

Cycling is one of the primary modes of transport in Cambridge and cycle safety is very important to us.  Do read through the attached information and equip yourselves with helmets, good locks and front and back lights.    

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us at  

College facilities

Superb facilities in which to live and learn

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