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Girton is a great place to base your graduate study.

Cambridge is a collegiate University – each college is an interdisciplinary community with its own feel and qualities. Graduate students are an important part of this approach. It helps the University remain one of the best in the world.

All Cambridge students are members of a college as well as the University. Broadly-speaking, the University provides teaching and research supervision. The college is the hub of your social and academic community, offering moral support, companionship and intellectual enrichment. Colleges also provide some of the key practical services and infrastructure that help students to flourish in Cambridge.

The graduate community at Girton is a central part of College life, comprising around half the total student population. Girton accepts students in the full range of subjects offered by the University, and draws some of the best research students from every part of the world. The College has a world-class Fellowship and offers excellent tutorial support and pastoral care. The College welcomes students of all ages.

Girton has a vibrant academic community in almost all subject areas offered by the University. To find out more about how your own area of study fits within the Girton academic community follow the link to Girton subjects.

Our Wolfson Court site is the centre of graduate life at the College. It offers graduates conveniently-located modern facilities. It is much more than a hall of residence. In addition to accommodation, it includes a very popular cafeteria, a library and study area, and a range of other facilities. The College can offer family-friendly accommodation, and there are nursery facilities adjacent to Wolfson Court.

Graduates can also enjoy the stunning grounds and facilities of the main site. These offer a haven of peace and tranquillity, one of the largest college libraries in Cambridge and a full range of sports facilities and playing fields.