We like to think that the best prize we can offer is the opportunity to study at Girton for a Cambridge University degree. So once you are here, there is no pressure to compete for more! However, for those who wish to acquire extra skills or broaden their CV, there is a range opportunities to think about.

In all, Girton has over 80 awards, funds, prizes, scholarships and exhibitions - made possible by generous support from Girton alumni and supporters. Some are awarded automatically for scholarly achievements. Some take the form of open competition: music awards, communications and reading prizes. Some encourage travel.

There are awards that offer specific support to those studying a wide range of subjects offered by the College. Some of these directly relate to academic life, rewarding high-quality work. Others aim to smooth student life.

Other support is more general, and is open to students studying any subject. Girton is particularly strong for music, offering a range of support for non-music students through instrument awards and exhibitions to help students maintain and further their learning whilst at the College. 

The College is particularly generous in the support it makes for travel. The annual travel awards support domestic and overseas visits during the Long Vacation. These awards aim to support learning in the wider sense, and do not need to be directly related to the applicant's area of study.

Girton is also home to a small number of higher-profile annual prizes and competitions across the arts and sciences. The Humanities and Sciences prizes are open to undergraduates and support creative communication of ideas. The Entrepreneurship and Poetry prizes have a wider audience - follow the links on the left for more details.