Gardens and Grounds

There are over 50 acres of gardens and grounds to explore at Girton. These were laid out as the College developed creating space for recreation in an environment conducive to learning. This has matured into the current site bordered by lime woodlands which give way to open parkland and the formal gardens of the College courts. Today, they are a venue for walks, relaxation and events, and the College's extensive outdoor sports facilities.

The grounds have a number of notable features. The Pond, originally dug to provide water for the College fire brigade, is now a haven for wildlife. The historic orchard, planted well over 100 years ago, is an important collection and features a number of rare and unusual varieties. There is an Anglo-Saxon burial site, many of the finds from which can be seen in the Lawrence Room. The Fellows' Garden, added in the 1990s, was designed by acclaimed gardens expert and alumna, Penelope Hobhouse.

Together, Girton's diverse gardens and grounds provide a green oasis. They support an array of plant, animal and insect life including our famous black squirrels. A guided walk is organised around the College gardens each Term, and is open to all.

Girton’s beautiful gardens are even available to people attending conferences and events in College.