Dr Martin Ennis

Director of Music


t. 01223 338946


Mr Gareth Wilson

Director of Chapel Music and Assistant Director of College Music


Instrumental Awards

Instrumentalists at Girton are eligible for three types of award:

University Instrumental Awards

These awards are intended for advanced players who wish to devote much of their free time to chamber music. Candidates audition in the week before starting their course (i.e., after they have been awarded a place at Cambridge) and, if successful, they are placed in a chamber group which has access to coaching from some of the foremost musicians in the country. Full details of these awards can be found in the Cambridge University Undergraduate Admissions Prospectus.

Girton College Music Scholarship

This award is given to the musician who performs best in the annual music awards competition. It consists of some spending money, plus a major grant towards the costs of music lessons.

Girton College Instrumental Awards

These offer a small sum in spending money plus a significant grant towards the costs of music lessons. These awards are held for one year, but are renewable; they are awarded on the basis of a competition held each November of the academic year (i.e., after applicants have started their course at Cambridge).

In addition to these awards, Music students are given further generous support towards the cost of lessons.