Dr Martin Ennis

Director of Music


t. 01223 338946


Mr Gareth Wilson

Director of Chapel Music and Assistant Director of College Music


How Can I Join


Girton Choir is one of the most accomplished, committed and exciting choirs in Cambridge. As you can see elsewhere, the benefits of membership are wide-ranging and exciting; the limited time commitment is not only compatible with almost any Tripos subject, it also allows serious musicians a great deal of scope to be pro-active in the College's vibrant and innovative musical life.

The Director of Chapel Music, Gareth Wilson, is always delighted to meet with prospective candidates for Girton Choir at any time. Singers are welcome to get in touch by JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING . You are encouraged to come and visit Girton, to see what the College has to offer, and hear the Choir in action.


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I have enjoyed the opportunity to do something which contributes so richly to College life, and to have another group of friends from a mixture of years and subjects. I have also enjoyed touring as a group and the good fortune of singing in amazing places.

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Current Choral Scholar