Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence scheme, which encourages engagement between practising artists and any area of scholarship in the Collegiate University. Artists live and work in Girton for an entire academic year, mingling with Fellows, staff and students on a day to day basis. There are workshops, exhibitions, and related activities, perhaps setting the scene for a new genre of interdisciplinary artworks produced and inspired by the College setting.

Yelena Popova (2016-2017)


Yelena’s practice continually questions what painting can be and how it operates in contemporary conditions. The work pulls the histories of abstraction into sharper focus creating 'slow' images that serve as an antidote to digital culture. Her Evaporating Paintings balance between vanishing and materialisation, as if undergoing a light sensitive photographic process. The recent body of work presented at After Image, a solo show at Nottingham Contemporary, reflects on the value and ownership of artworks, their display and distribution in public/private spaces.


Yelena graduated with Distinction from MA Painting at the Royal College of Art in 2011. In 2014, she was shortlisted for the Arts Foundation Award in Painting and selected to be part of Thames and Hudson’s new publication 100 Painters of Tomorrow. In 2016, her work is included in Vitamin P3 (The 108 International Artists Revolutionizing Painting Today), published by Phaidon Press.


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Previous Artist in Residence:

Sonny Vadgama (2014-2015)



Prior to studying art Vadgama worked as a production assistant for the BBC and later at various post-production facilities where he specialised in editing and motion graphics. He later graduated with a BA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2009.  His practice utilises a range mediums including digital video, animation, holography and large scale projection. These mediums are often manipulated via a combination of analogue and digital intervention and displayed in as both small or large scale immersive installations.

  • To see more of Sonny Vadgama's work, view his digital catalogue of 2015 Giclée prints. If you would like further information or if you would like to enquire about purchasing any of the paintings please email Tamsin Elbourn ( JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING )

Tom Barnett (2013-2014)



Tom graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2007. He works in a variety of media, exploring sound and text as a complement to his drawings, paintings and performances. His focus is on exploring creativity as a means to understanding human behaviour. The work is inspired initially by landscape, particularly that of West Yorkshire and the Calder Valley where he grew up.

To see more of Tom's paintings please see his catalogue. If you would like further information or if you would like to enquire about purchasing any of the paintings please email Tamsin Elbourn ( JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING ).

See photos of Tom's exhibition and live performance held at the Judge Business School on Wednesday, June 25th 2014.


Tom Barnett's Artist Profile at the Hannah Barry Gallery