Official Fellow

Senior Tutor

Director of Studies in Biological Sciences (Parts IB, II and III)

College Teaching Officer                             


Assistant Director of Teaching, Department of Biochemistry


Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BSc, PhD (Edinburgh)

Alexandra (Sandra) Fulton

Natural Sciences (Biological)

Research and Teaching Interests

Research themes

My research career began in Edinburgh working on meiotic aneuploidy. This led to a position in Oxford working on transposable elements in yeast, where I gained experience in molecular biology. I went on to work with Professor Kevin Brindle, firstly in Oxford, then Manchester and now in the Department of Biochemistry in Cambridge, on the Application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy to Biology and Medicine. In the lab I provide expertise in molecular biology. Our goal is to develop methods for early detection of tumour response to treatment.

Teaching responsibilities

I supervise Girton students in Biology of Cells and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in first and second year respectively. I also teach biochemistry to first year medical students. At Girton we appreciate the importance of supporting students in the transition from school to university and as part of this I help run special sessions in Girton for first year medics/vets/natural scientists. This also helps first years get to know the broader biological sciences community in college. I also give the introductory lecture for all first year Biological Natural Scientists in the university. I am Assistant Director of Teaching in Biochemistry and coordinate teaching in all 4 years.


I have been at Girton College since 1999, when I was appointed as a College Teaching Officer. I enjoy being in this strong academic community with its friendly and supportive atmosphere. I have been a Director of Studies since 1999 and was Admissions Tutor from 2004 -2013. I have been Senior Tutor since 2014 and serve on various University and intercollegiate committees. Along with other fellows I help run the annual Science Communication Prize in college.