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Green Week: Stop the Climate Crisis with Evidence (internal)

JCR Green Week promotional event image

All College Members are welcome at this event on climate change as part of Green Week. Hosted by the JCR as part of Girton Conversations.

Talk with Oscar winner Michael Wadleigh & Dr Birgit van Munster

Have you ever wondered at the lack of decisive action on the climate crisis? Been confused by climate science? Worried about disinformation?

Join the JCR Sustainability Officer and the Girton Conversations Initiative this Green Week for an introduction to the climate activism of Academy Award winner Michael Wadleigh and Dr Birgit van Munster. This event is taking place thanks to first year Geography student Jules Pye, who connected the speakers with Girton. All College Members are welcome (staff, students and Fellows).

This will be an introductory talk on Michael and Birgit's work and mission, with an opportunity to sign up for follow-up workshops in small groups at a later date on how to utilise political lobbying to combat the climate crisis.

Information about the speakers:

Michael Wadleigh is a scientist and an Academy Award winning film director, best known for directing the film Woodstock. Michael has been in activism for 50 years. Dr. Birgit van Munster (DVM) lived and worked for over 20 years in Eastern Africa on sustainable development before moving on to global sustainable development.

Their latest project, is a project of the Homo Sapiens Foundation, a self-funded non-profit foundation. Homo Sapiens Reports is an official UNESCO project with the patronage of the European Union Environment Commission. The United Nations under Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochschild writes that "Only One Earth Science... is an important contribution to the UN75 Initiative".

Additional Information:

The proposed exercise for the follow-up workshops is as follows:

Leading US immunologist Dr. Fauci is well known for letting the science speak, contradicting politicians who conceal evidence and promote disinformation surrounding Coronavirus. Imagine if disinformation surrounding the Climate Crisis in politics was taken as seriously as disinformation being spread about the pandemic.

What would you, as Dr. Fauci, say at the 2021 UN Treaty Conferences to politicians in terms of action required to stop climate change, destruction of nature and trends towards socio-economic collapse with potentially many millions displaced or dead?

Trigger Warning: This talk will contain content that some may find distressing including discussion of the effects of the climate crisis, ecocide, natural disasters and mention of death.

Accessibility information:

This event will take place via Zoom so there will unfortunately not be closed captions available in the current planned format. However, if you would like to attend and require closed captions or any other feature that Zoom does not provide, please do not hesitate to contact JCR Sustainability Officer and we will arrange to accommodate this. The format of the event is a formal talk and the subject matter will be quite serious. The content may be distressing to some at times and attendees are welcome to leave at any time if they need to with no questions asked.