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Girton Mountford humanities and Art Communication Prize 2019

attendees of event

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the College, the topic for this year’s Mountford  Humanities and Arts Communications Prize was  ‘PIONEERING’.

Students were invited to take inspiration from objects in the Lawrence Room or any other museum to consider ‘PIONEERING’ in any sense they chose.

The idea of this Communications Prize is for them to choose a topic based on an object. Their chosen theme may be specialist, esoteric, complex or wide ranging: they just have to present it in an accessible and engaging way to the audience. We simply ask them to be as creative and inspiring as they can!

This year’s winners were: Lucy Rogers (Audience Prize), Jon Petre (Abstract Prize), Thomas Rialan and Lucy Rogers (Lawrence Room Prize) and Eleanor Absalom (Judges’ Prize)

Mountford Humanities and Arts Communications Prize Abstract 2019