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Artist in Residence Tour 2022: DEGREE

Luke Burton, Impossible Weather, 2020. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 150 x 250 cm. Painting depicts the orchard and tennis court with stylised starry night sky above.
Luke Burton, Impossible Weather, 2020.

Girton’s fifth Artist in Residence, Luke Burton, will give a series of guided tours of his exhibition DEGREE. It is an exhibition of painting and vitreous enamels and it explores different ideas of scale in relation to painting, architecture and the human body. This examination of scale in the context of our own environments is, appropriately, spread out across the College, inviting the viewer to explore the buildings and the grounds which add perspective to the exhibits. Luke will offer insights into the thinking behind an exhibition, his approach to his practice in general and how his time at Girton elicited this artistic response.


Tours will take place at 15.15 and 17.15 and will start in the Fellows' Dining Room.


About the artist  

Luke studied painting at Chelsea College of Art (BA, 2005) and Sculpture at Royal College of Art ( MA, 2011). He has shown his work internationally including at venues such as ICA, London; National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; PADA, Lisbon; TJ Boulting, London; Bosse and Baum, London His work is in various private and institutional collections.



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