Professor Per-Olof Wikström


Research Themes

I currently research crime, its causes and prevention. This includes developing new theory (Situational Action Theory) to better understand the person-environment interaction in crime causation, and new methodologies (space-time budgets combined with small area community surveys) to better study the role of the environment and its interaction with personal characteristics and experiences in crime causation.

I am the director of the Peterborough Adolescent and Young Adult Development Study (PADS+), a longitudinal study that investigates the social life and crime of a random sample of about 700 young people.


I teach at the Institute of Criminology where I am a Professor of Ecological and Developmental Criminology.


I have been a fellow of Girton College since 1997. I have twice served on the College Council.

Prior to moving to the UK in 1997 and taking up posts at the University of Cambridge and Girton College, I held senior academic posts at the Stockholm University and the Research Unit of the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention.

College Role

Professorial Fellow

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA, PhD (Stockholm), Docent, FBA