Dr Patricia Ward

Natural Sciences (Physical)

Research Themes

My research is in experimental particle physics, which aims to understand the basic building blocks of matter and the forces between them. I am currently working on the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. This experiment is a very large international collaboration, searching for the Higgs boson and for new physics phenomena. I am involved in measuring the cross-section for pairs of Z bosons: we compare our measurements with theoretical expectations, hoping to see deviations that cannot be explained by current theories.


I supervise students in physics in Part IB and in Part II, where I concentrate on quantum, nuclear and particle physics.

I also supervise projects in Part III Physics and supervise research students.


I read Natural Sciences at Girton – in the days before men were admitted –  and continued in the college as a research student and then as a research Bye-fellow.

After supervising students in Part II physics for many years, I was delighted to return as a Bye-fellow in 2006. While the college has changed in many ways, it remains as friendly as ever.

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Official Fellow

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