Dr Louise Braddock


Research Themes

I was a psychiatrist by training before becoming a philosopher, and my research is in the philosophy of psychoanalysis. I work especially on the concept of identification, particularly in relation to the imagination and to Smith and Hume’s concept of sympathy. I also work on other psychoanalytic concepts with practising psychoanalysts, and on psychoanalysis as a social science.


I teach some core Philosophy subjects, in particular Metaphysics.


I am one of Girton’s two Praelectors, a job I share with Josh Slater. Girton graduates taking their degree in person are presented by the Praelector (who speaks in Latin!) to the Vice-Chancellor or his deputy at a Congregation of the Regent House. The ceremony is carefully orchestrated by the University officers at the Senate House, and I still find it exciting after nearly 10 years. Whether the ceremony marks the end of undergraduate-hood with the admission to the BA, or marks the achievement of a postgraduate degree, it is the culminating moment of the student’s time at Girton. Beforehand there is a full dress rehearsal in College and, depending on the time of the ceremony, there is a lunch for graduands and their families. It is part of the particular pleasure of being a Praelector to meet family members, who may have come some distance and indeed often from abroad, and to share their enjoyment of the day.

Outside Girton, I am an Associate Member of the Philosophy Faculty at the University of Oxford, where I teach the philosophy of social science.

I am also the Director of Research of the Independent Social Research Foundation, which supports research in the social sciences.

College Role


Degrees, Awards and Prizes

MA, MB, BChir, MD, MA (Reading), PhD (Reading) (Philosophy)