Dr Gabriele Badano

Political Philosophy and Bioethics

Research Themes

My research interests are in Political Philosophy and Bioethics, often at the intersection of these two disciplines. Starting with my PhD, I have worked on questions of fairness and other philosophical issues in health care resource allocation and in health policy more in general. At the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities I am part of a research group that looks specifically at the problems associated with the use of quantitative tools to make health policy decisions. I also have a research interest in John Rawls’s influential theory of political liberalism. In this area, my goal is to identify the limits of Rawls’s theory with regard to a wide range of issues such as disability and the rise of extremism in society, so as to propose revisions that can further strengthen the framework of political liberalism.


I am interested in supervising in Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Political Philosophy.


PhD (University College London), MA and BA (University of Genoa, Italy)

College Role

Research Fellow