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Weekly Update

Covid and College: Weekly Update

To keep everyone up-to-date with progress and all things coronavirus in College, we will be issuing a weekly video containing headlines and hot topics.

The four main topics discussed this week are:

  1. Testing update
  2. Hot topic: self-isolation and how it works
  3. England’s three tiers
  4. Face Mask policy change

1. Testing Update

2. Self and household isolation

  • If you experience symptoms, report them to the lodge: that is Day 1 for self and household isolation.
  • If your household pooled test is positive, that too is Day 1 (Thursday at Girton).
  • If you test positive, you should self-isolate for 10 days. However, if that followed a pooled test and you go onto develop symptoms, then the onset of those symptoms is your new Day 1 (count 10 from there).
  • If someone in the household tests positive, other household members should isolate for 14 days (although an individual who then develops symptoms counts a further 10 days, even if it takes you beyond the first 14).
  • There is a lot more detail and advice on the webpages.

3. A geography lesson: England’s three tiers

  • Tier one, like Cambridge: carry on as we are.
  • Tier two, like London: avoid visiting, don’t stay overnight, contact your Tutor if in doubt.
  • Tier three, a few areas especially in the NW: visit only in exceptional circumstances with Tutor’s explicit permission.

4. Face coverings and good news

  • We are adopting the University’s new policy on face coverings, and wearing them indoors in meetings and events lasting more than 15 minutes. View the University's policy.
  • The Cloister corridor one way system has been taken out.
  • Hall is set up for households to dine together. Why not have a night out at home?
  • There is a lot of under-used public space in College, which you can use and enjoy, keeping to the rule of 6.
  • If you are isolating and OK apart from a touch of cabin fever, check out the new ‘Isolation Ents’ page… (url coming soon).

The four main topics discussed this week are:

  1. Girton House Rules
  2. Testing
  3. Your Feedback (poll now closed)
  4. Hot Topic: What is close contact?

1. Girton House Rules

2. Testing

3. Feedback (poll now closed)

  • Let’s keep the conversation going!

4. Hot Topic: What is close contact?

Examples include:

  • Close face-to-face contact (under 1 meter) for any length of time - including talking, or being coughed on.
  • Being within 1 to 2 metres for more than 15 minutes - including in a car.
  • Spending time together at home or in household space.
  • Sleeping together/being in a close relationship.
  • Note: close contact is not usually possible if you are separated by a perspex (or equivalent) screen.

If in doubt, or in need of more detail, please check with your Tutor, the Lodge, or College and Government websites.

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It is more important than ever that we look after ourselves and others.

Find out more with the University's #StaySafe campaign