Your Story, Girton’s Story

We would be delighted to hear from current and past students, Fellows and staff for the Your Story, Girton’s Story Project. Memories, photographs and material collected for this project will be held permanently in the College’s Archive and may be published on this page, on the College website or in other electronic of print formats now or at a later date.

We welcome receiving your honest reflections on your time at the College and the impact it has had on you. These submissions will form part of the College’s Archive and it is important to gather a true reflection of Girton at moments in time through its history. Please be thoughtful though if revealing information about others that they may wish to remain private, especially around the topics of health, religion, family, sex, and politics.

If you have a longer piece you would like to submit or original material you would like to donate the Archivist would be very happy to hear from you. Please see contact details below.

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Usage and copyright
In submitting your written recollections via this form on the website you are transferring your copyright to Girton College. Submissions may be published on websites or in print publications and may be edited for clarity, grammar, length and reasons of privacy. All submissions will be preserved permanently in the College’s Archive and will be made available to researchers in due course.

Withdrawing consent
Under data protection legislation for matters relating to personal data you have the right to withdraw your consent for the College to publish your details at any time and can do so by contacting the College:
Data Protection Officer
Girton College, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge, CB3 0JG, UK.
T. +44 (0) 1223 338987 E.

Images and documents e.g. scans or originals of letters, programmes, posters, menus, telegrams etc.
The Archive, contact details below, would welcome receiving photographs or documents, either originals or scans, as part of the Your Story, Girton’s Story project. Please note that all donations will be considered against the Archive’s Collection Policy, therefore before sending original material in the post you might like to contact the Archivist first to discuss your donation.

When submitting material please supply details of the author / photographer, the date or approximate date (if known) and the details of anyone in the photograph (if known and if applicable). If the items are still in copyright please also supply the details of the copyright holder if different from the author / photographer.

Submitting original photographs or documents by post
Before posting any material please contact the Archivist to ensure that the material meets the Archive collecting policy – Contact details are below.
When you package up the material please download and complete this form and include it with your submission.

Please post the material to:
The Archivist,
Your Story, Girton’s Story Project,
Girton College,
Huntingdon Road,
CB3 0JG,
United Kingdom

e. t. +44 (0)1223 338897

Need some inspiration? See below for some themes that you may wish to cover.
Pathway to Girton
What circumstances led to your application to Girton College? What other avenues were open to you at the time?
Why did you decide to go to university? (intellectual interest / personal ambition / familial expectations /school expectations — teachers or peers)
What was the principal reason you decided to go to Girton specifically?
How did you decide on the subject you chose to study?
What were your first impressions of Girton? What do you remember of your interview?

Experiences at Girton
What you remember about arriving for the first term at Girton?
Can you tell us about the living arrangements?
What can you remember about meals in College?
Can you tell us about the teaching you received?
What kind of relations did you have with Girton Fellows, your Director of Studies or your Tutor?
What kind of support (academic and personal) did you receive from the College Staff?
How easy was it to make friends?
Were your friends mostly at Girton or from other Colleges?
Have you kept the friends you made at Girton? at other Colleges?
Did you belong to any College societies while you were at Girton?
Did you belong to any University societies while you were at Girton?
What do you remember of your relationships with the College staff?
If you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community what was your experience like at Girton?
If you identify as a member of a minority group what was your experience like at Girton?

Impact of Girton after leaving
How did you think of yourself at the time that you were at Girton (unusual / lucky / successful / unhappy / happy / frustrated)?
How has your Girton experience influenced your life after graduating/leaving?
Are you still in touch with friends made while at Girton? Did you meet your partner at Girton?
Would you encourage others to apply to Girton?

Contact Information

Development Office
t: +44 (0)1223 766672

Girton College,
Huntingdon Road,
Charity Number 1137541